Our Mission

We’re working to create a healthy and prosperous world in a web3 way. We believe that a strong economy stems from happy and healthy people. With fun, educational and engaging web3 advancements we will aggressively work toward achieving our end goal: Helping educate and empower people to impact society in a positive and meaningful way!

How It Works

We will work towards strengthening the economy by providing funding for business expansion as well as start ups. This process will be simple not requiring credit checks and the many other hoops traditional financial institutions require you to jump through, just to be turned down. Members of the DAO will participate in voting for the approval of funding as well as own a predetermined equity stake in the assets & companies that receive funding.

In addition, we will also be working to lead the race against homelessness, starvation and providing financial hardship grants. Everything our governments should be doing, but unfortunately aren’t, as they prioritize financial gain over the lives and well being of fellow mankind. We will represent a true DEMOCRACY through DECNTRALIZATION. By investing in our token you are investing in the businesses and communities that surround you and making a positive impact on society. Join our movement and invest in the token that invests in you!